Short videos about navigation and application features
Update for Android
This feature is currently only available on Android devices.
Now in the settings you can enable or disable screens to record your dive data. If you decide not to use some data, you just skip this screen in the filling. But you can always edit the data, even those that were missed on the final screen, my list is available from the screen.
22 seconds and you know everything about the new settings feature
Fill in the logbook
The whole process of filling the logbook is based on the sequential addition of data about the dive on the thematic screens of the application. Just move in order to swipe left to go to a new screen. Attention! It is imperative to choose a dive site in order to continue filling the logbook.
92 seconds to fill in the logbook. But you can faster;)
Close the screen
To close the Dive Number application screen anywhere, exit the profile settings, exit the dive list screen. Always use the top-down gesture to shade behind the name of the screen. Learn this to easily use the application.
20 seconds and you know how to close the screen
Add new dive site
On the map screen, open the list of dive sites and scroll down to the Add location button. Press the button and enter the name of the dive site in the field that appears. Use a famous name in your own language. We also recommend using an English name. Do not leave a pin on the ground. Now press the confirmation button and continue to fill out the logbook to the end. Your location will be sent for moderation and after verification will be available to all divers.
24 seconds and you can add new dive sites on the map
Please do not use the name "Home Reef" write the full name of the dive site
location the second way
Add the location on the map in the Dive Number app in the second way. keep your finger on the installation site of the new diving site. Then, in the window that appears, be sure to enter the name of the dive site and click "Add." Attention, so that the new dive site is sent for moderation, you need to complete the process of filling out the dive log! Do not make copies of existing locations.
28 seconds and you know another way to add a dive site
Please indicate the pin location of the new dive site as accurately as possible.
Appeal in support
You can always contact the support service of the Dive Number application. Go to the profile settings, go down below and click the support button. You can write in support through your favorite messenger, which you are used to using. Contact us for any questions. Living people answer you, it is not always fast, but we try to respond as actively as possible. You can write support not only for faults. Also write your wishes and comments.
47 seconds to learn how to write support
Application profile
In the account settings, you can change your name, profile photo, year of birth and dive certificate number. Use the name and date of birth indicated in your latest diving certificate, this will help the system confirm the status of your certificate.
48 seconds to deal with the profile
Edit logbook entry
You can change all the data in your dive record at any time. It's as easy as recording a dive. Simply open the record of your dive that you want to change and touch the values you want to correct. After that, in the window that appears, specify the new value and the OK button in the upper corner. All data is changed. Do not forget to click save after you make all the changes.
72 seconds and you can edit logbook entries
Add and edit tank
Add and change the number of tanks that you use. Suitable for divers using an additional reserve tank, side mount system and technical divers. You can choose the volume of the tank and its material aluminum or steel, the number of tanks is not limited.
13 seconds and you will learn how to work with tank
If you did not find the answer to your question, write to us and we will help you. Upon your request, the necessary video tutorial will be created to help other divers.
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